From modest beginnings, Arthur and Harold Rempel have operated the family-owned business since 1996.


Our Mission

ProVista’s mission is to be a producer of quality food while being a leader in our community contributing to the strength and pride of the region.


To ensure we continue our commitment to carry out our mission, ProVista will continue to build on its core business and success to through our vision:

Build a known corporate brand of “Quantity-Quality-Consistency” in our supply of pigs to our customers:

• Employ and retain a highly trained team

• Maintain a business model that supports lean agile decision-making and actions

• Maintain a transparent business relationship with related companies

• Ensure we are environmentally responsible and sustainable

• Build and foster relationships with other major industry partners

• Be a supporter of local communities


Our values were established decades ago on the Rempel family farm, and they continue to guide our actions today as we work toward our Vision.


    We work together to accomplish something greater than one could alone.

    We value and protect the safety of others.

    We make each other successful.



    We do the right thing for the right reason.



    We live up to our responsibilities.

    We are committed to providing the best care of our animals.

    We are dedicated to business innovation and continued improvement through knowledge.