Harold and Arthur Rempel have acquired companies that do significant business with ProVista Agriculture. These companies are related in that either they depend on ProVista Agriculture for a significant part of their business or ProVista Agriculture depends on them for a significant service.

proline pork marketing

PROLINE PORK MARKETING specializes in feeder pig and isowean procurement and placement both on the spot market as well as long term contracts. Our goal is to connect the best sellers with the best possible buyers to establish solid trustworthy relationships.

PROLINE PORK MARKETING is a reliable, experienced company working with and for current and future producers.  

Horizon supply vet and barn supplies to the livestock Industry. Recently, Horizon has entered into a merger agreement with Penner Farm Supply to increase market opportunities outside of the hog industry to add diversification. .


PVS Transport

PVS TRANSPORT provides most of the pig transportation requirements of ProVista. This is important to reduce risk of disease contamination, ensure timely and consistent humane service. In this manner ProVista can ensure risks associated with pig movement can be mitigated adequately at a competitive price.

River Mills

River Mills

Provista feeds

PROVISTA FEEDS provides all the feed for ProVista and related barns. PROVISTA FEEDS purchases coarse grains macros, and protein, organizes deliveries to mills and provides nutritional services for feed formulations. Recently, ProVista has constructed River Mills to meet the growing feed needs of the company.


In 2014, Arthur and Harold Rempel purchased QUARRY OAKS GOLF COURSE located just North of Steinbach, Manitoba. As one of Manitoba’s premier tournament courses, QUARRY OAKS is well prepared to handle events of all sizes and requests.

Penner Farm Services is a leading provider of livestock equipment, supplies, and services. Since 1956, hog, poultry and dairy producers have relied on Penner Farm Services to provide their entire scope of automated equipment for efficient farm management.

In 2016, Penner Farm Services merged with Horizon Livestock & Poultry Supply.


ProVista Livestock Depot

Collection depot for cull sow purchasing, sorting and marketing.